What will you gain?

The Śląska Akademia Senior@ project is aimed not only to familiarize Participants with the use of tablets, laptops or other digital devices, but also help in navigating the Internet, which gives a chance among others to access news, public services, social media, opportunities to expand your hobby, online shopping, as well as all kinds of online payments (e-banking). During the classes, Participants will also have contact with applications that will enable them to contact their family (including Skype, Messenger or WhatsApp).

After the completion of the whole training cycle (and fulfilment of project assumptions), each Participant will receive a TABLET, thanks to which he/she will be able to improve his/her skills at home.

Our activities are also aimed at integrating people aged 65+ and enabling them to spend good time in classes, where they will be served snacks. As part of the Project, we also plan animation activities aimed at strengthening the skills learned during the training.